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Editorials & Commentaries

Don't forget to read our occasional editorials and commentaries here. This is a special section we are currently updating, which is dedicated to the op-ed piece, the essay or the manifesto. 

We all have our views and we all like to opine, but here, we present not only the writer's opinion, but the 'educated opinion', as the facts are further needed to back up the glorified opinion for more substanstial, in-depth reading.

Welcome To Our Consumer Magazine PDF Print E-mail

In a post-Covid World, We Must Reinvent Ourselves and Reconnect With Our Local Independent Businesses Who Are Quite 'Essential'!

Welcome to my consumer magazine where we focus on the unique perspectives of the local, independent businesses. Many businesses here in our own backyard in the Greater Cincinnati area as well as many other indie mom and pop's from across the country - take center stage here at Altro Perspectives with their interesting products and services as well as their own expert insights. These are all the things consumers want and need to know! 

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