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News & Features

Welcome to our newest news division where we publish local, regional and/or national and world news.  This news department may change weekly or monthly, depending upon the importance or relevance of the topic. 

Currently, the big news of the moment (other than this fall's insane election!) is how everyone is interested in gearing up for holiday shopping. Don't forget to click on our BUSINESS & CONSUMER DIRECTORY (to the left, in the panel of tabs) to see our local vendors in The 2016 Altro HOLIDAY SHOPPING GUIDE.

This area below also includes local school news we are currently updating with high schools and colleges where we bring you special 'features' about our local schools' most bright and promising students. We will celebrate the top students who possess budding talents they wish to share with us, along with their achievements as well as any of their writing - that writing being creative or journalism-driven.  Our educational systems need all the support they can get and we will do our part in helping our students reach their full potential!


Summer Car Care Tips That Every Driver Should Know... PDF Print E-mail



Erlanger Kentucky's Community Auto Center

cars_community_auto_ad_home_page_honda.jpg - 14.74 Kb

Waynesville Ohio - (Oh antique shops/ Ohio's most haunted towns) PDF Print E-mail

Waynesville Ohio - a little slice-of-life-town where old-world
charm is reborn with the unusual & mysterious appeal
of antiques and ghosts!

Pam Rettig's Life Coach Classes & Workshops in Northern Kentucky PDF Print E-mail

Pam Rettig - Cincinnati/ Northern Kentucky's Life Coaching Expert - offers workshops/ classes for those dealing with forgiveness issues and it changes their lives!

SPECIAL COMMUNICATIONS FEATURE: Can You Pass The Text-Message Test? PDF Print E-mail

WIth all of the various ways to communicate now, is it any wonder we have lost our footing when we write each other in this digital age?  No worries though - take these tips and you should be passing the texting test!

Beechwood High School Shines Spotlight On Superior Talent Again PDF Print E-mail


Ft Mitchell Ky's Beechwood High School/ Kentucky Art Education Association Regional Winners

What's in a Name? PDF Print E-mail

Welcome to the updated website version of our seven-year-old online Business/Consumer Directory and improved online magazine. We passionately continue to grow and expand the website of our online services one step at a time and it is exciting and exhilerating!  We thank our readers for inspiring us to change, and helping us to continue to grow. We have something for everyone of every walk of life here at Altro Perspectives where we are one of the few media outlets left who bring you fresh journalism with integrity and purpose to enrich your lives.  Happy reading!

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